ava multi-touch tactile screen


The Multi-touch tactile screen

HUMElab expand the boundaries of interactive technology.
HUMElab brings in their tactile screens, the projected capacitive technology found on tablets and smartphones, providing the user with a unique touch experience.
HUMElab’s capacitive technology can detect up to 40 simultaneous touch points and shows you the real possibilities of multi-touch technology.


Ultra responsive screen

To believe it, you must try it. The new projected capacitive tactile surface AVA gives you an incredible digital experience, By yourself or with others simultaneously, it always keeps up.


Liquid Resistant surface

Someone spilled coffee on it? No problem, this is a AVA. One of the main strength from AVA is that it was designed to be a real screen. It was made for everyday life uses. Advantages from a screen, with touch technology added.


Connected heart

A maximum of interaction at the heart of your home installation. AVA is not a screen like any other and it can prove it with all its on board connectors. AVA touch screen can easily be connected to your smartphone, your tablet, your router, your TV, your home automation system and many other equipment. It is the heart of your digital workplace or home.

technologie intel processeur


Ultra performant I5 processor

The latest specifications to run any resource-intensive applications. A real computer with WINDOWS 8.1 is equipped inside AVA touch screen. The data processing, storage and graphics card capacities from Intel HASWELL processor enable AVA to run simultaneously any applications you want. The performances from AVA can answer all the task you give it : be it gaming, working or sharing. See the full specifications below.