Toma table tactile blanc
Toma table tactile noir


The interactive panel

The touch panel TOMA seduces, attracts and captures the attention of its users. At the peak of technology, it offers an elegant and ultra-durable design. It is equipped with a 42-inches Full HD touch screen to expand your business in the interactive world.

TOMA is available in black or white but can also adapt itself to your brand colours or the style of your establishment. From interactive maps to a collaborative workspace through business plan introduction, the touch panel TOMA is set up and can be connected to your workplace or your lounge in the blink of an eye. The touch panel TOMA increases interaction in your work!


An innovative way to inform

Innovate and offer your customers a unique experience. The TOMA touch panel offers an exciting medium for you a create real digital experience: maps, interactive catalogs or any other business applications. With the touch panel TOMA, you innovate in your business during your presentations to your employees, you allow collaborative work sessions, you present your business for trade shows.


Liquid resistant surface

You can spill coffee without fear on its touch screen. Ready against the hazards of office or public places, the console screen from TOMA is fully waterproof and does not fear any liquids project on it.


The connected object

A maximum of interaction at the heart of your home installation. TOMA is not a panel like any other and it can prove it with all its on board connectors. TOMA touch panel can easily be connected to your smartphone, your tablet, your router, your TV, your home automation system and many other equipment. It is the heart of your digital workplace or home.

technologie intel processeur


Ultra performant I5 processor

The latest specifications to run any resource-intensive applications. A real computer with WINDOWS 8.1 is powering TOMA touch panel. The capacity in data processing, storage and graphics cards from the HASWELL NUC allows it to run simultaneously any applications you want . The performances from TOMA touch panel meets the various uses you can give it: informing, working or sharing. See full specifications.