Collection 2016


Packed with technology and emotions.

The touch screen coffee table TABATA reveals itself to you in its brand new 2016 design. Unique and pure, it proves HUMElab is willing to center design at the heart of its research. Building emotion and mixing it with a high level of technology, such was the challenge faced by HUMElab R&D team.

TABATA displays itself under incredibly sculpted lines, pure and edged. She becomes more elegant and refined while enhancing its studiness. HUMElab brought together the latest technological advances offering to TABATA, bringing it to a unique touch-sensitive level, which provides palm rejection with exceptional accuracy while maintaining the fluidity and responsiveness of her older sister. However, inside TABATA is simply packing 2 times more power than its predecessor.



Imagined for sharing

TABATA is a touch-screen coffee table unlike any other. At the peak of technology, it offers a clean and elegant design, featuring a 42-inches Full HD touch screen running on Windows 8.1 for a great collaborative experience. TABATA  touch table is available in black, white or adapts itself to your desires.

Included with all its integrated connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, WiDi, USB, Jack), your brand new touch-screen table becomes the digital heart of your living room. Powered by the latest generation of Intel processors, TABATA is faster and more powerful than the best tactile tables  available on the market.


Built for restaurant

SAMANTA the touch-screen table increases the catering experience. At the peak of technology, it offers a clean and elegant design, featuring a 42-inches Full HD touch screen to create new interactive experiences in restaurant rooms. SAMANTA touch-screen table is available in black, white, or can be made to fit the personnality of your establishment.

Thanks to its durable and easy to clean waterproof surface, your guests have access to an entire range of business applications of your selection : an interactive map, games, exclusive content from your establishment, online services such as booking taxis and shows before or after the meal … SAMANTA touch-screen table is an essential tool to increase interaction with your customers and offer them a unique and attractive service experience.

Table tactile SAMANTA blanc
Table tactile Samanta noir
Toma table tactile blanc
Toma table tactile noir



The touch panel TOMA seduces, attracts and captures the attention of its users. At the peak of technology, it offers an elegant and ultra-durable design. It is equipped with a 42-inches Full HD touch screen to expand your business in the interactive world.

TOMA is available in black or white but can also adapt itself to your brand colours or the style of your establishment. From interactive maps to a collaborative workspace through business plan introduction, the touch panel TOMA is set up and can be connected to your workplace or your lounge in the blink of an eye. The touch panel TOMA increases interaction in your work!



HUMElab expand the boundaries of interactive technology.
HUMElab brings in their tactile screens, the projected capacitive technology found on tablets and smartphones, providing the user with a unique touch experience.
HUMElab’s capacitive technology can detect up to 40 simultaneous touch points and shows you the real possibilities of multi-touch technology.

ava multi-touch tactile screen


Latest creation born from HUMElab‘s workshop, CARLA was designed and designated for catering. These specific dimensions of 24x24inches offers the practicality looked for by restaurant owners. Its 7.1mm thickness of tempered glass protects it against the everyday use (shocks and spills). Its sleek design and starshaped leg gives it character and stability.

From a technological point of view, CARLA benefits from the latest advanced touch-screen technology made by HUMElab, with its new “Palm Rejection Technology” which gives you an exceptional user experience in its fluidity and precision. Looking inside of it, CARLA has nothing to envy to the TABATA table since it offers a similar motherboard in terms of power in order to host the most useful and demanding applications intended for restaurants uses.

table basse tactile clea



The tactile table CLEA brings you a multi-touch and complete solution towards family entertainment. Discover an innovative and exciting way to learn combined with the fun from its interactive touch screen.

Its multi-user interface allows everyone to have a go. Thanks to its multi-touch surface and its multiple tactile points, up to 4 people can use CLEA at the same time.

Activities offered by the table are selected according to the age, encouraging all family members to communicate, follow instructions and work as a team.