The new generation of touch-screen coffee table

The touch screen coffee table TABATA reveals itself to you in its brand new 2016 design. Unique and pure, it proves HUMElab is willing to center design at the heart of its research. Building emotion and mixing it with a high level of technology, such was the challenge faced by HUMElab R&D team.

TABATA displays itself under incredibly sculpted lines, pure and edged. She becomes more elegant and refined while enhancing its studiness. HUMElab brought together the latest technological advances offering to TABATA, bringing it to a unique touch-sensitive level, which provides palm rejection with exceptional accuracy while maintaining the fluidity and responsiveness of her older sister. However, inside TABATA is simply packing 2 times more power than its predecessor.


Ultra responsive screen

To believe it, you must try it. The new projected capacitive tactile surface TABATA gives you an incredible digital experience, By yourself or with others simultaneously, it always keeps up.


Liquid resistant surface

Someone spilled coffee on it? No problem, this is a TABATA. One of the main strength from TABATA is that it was designed to be a real table, where you can eat, have a coffee or have a drink with your friends. It was made for everyday life uses. Advantages from a real table, with technology added.


Connected heart

A maximum of interaction at the heart of your home installation. TABATA is not a table like any other and it can prove it with all its on board connectors. TABATA touch-screen table can easily be connected to your smartphone, your tablet, your router, your TV, your home automation system and many other equipment. It is the heart of your digital workplace or home.

technologie intel processeur


Ultra performant I5 processor

The latest specifications to run any resource-intensive applications. The touch-screen table TABATA is embedded with Windows 8.1, but can be delivered in Linux and Android OS. The data processing ability, storage and graphics card from the Intel Skylake processor allows it to run simultaneously any of the applications you wish at the same time. The performances from the new touch-screen table TABATA can answer all the task you give it : be it gaming, working or sharing. See the full specifications below.