vitrines interactives

HUMElab has been chosen by INUI Studio to develop the prototype of an entirely integrated system which optimize the AIRxTOUCH technology.

Thanks to this no-contact technology and HUMElab’s expertise in interactive digital products conception, the digital world market will soon be able to propose interactive showcase glasses to those who couldn’t use it in the past because of projected capacitive technology’s limits.

Now, double-glazed or armoured displays’ owners would be able to have an interactive communication with their clients. These are banks, jewellers, watchmakers and luxury products manufacturers or distributors will soon fill up their digital communication with a tool they were deprived in the past.

Shopkeeper in countries where cold climatic conditions require a good isolation could not use projected capacitive technology. HUMElab will allow these professionals to get an interactive window.

HUMElab is a French specialist in manufacturing design touch furniture. Its range of products is adapted to professionals (HUMElab Business) as well as individual (HUMElab for People). HUMElab’s expertise take its roots from the company which has made tailored integration for dynamic display industry over the last 15 years. These products are made in white label through HUMElab Factory.